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Geography & Location

Camping and Apartments ZIP, Kremna, Mokra Gora, Western Serbia

The campsite is situated in the populated area called  Kremna,  which is located in western Serbia, between the mountains  Zlatibor, Tara, Šargan, and Kadinjaca at an altitude of 760 meters. Kremna is actually a ravine (a basin) ’decorated with’  Jewels of the Natural World such as springs, water wells, brooks, mountain streams, meadows, forests, groves, glades and natural vegetation. A central feature that characterizes this Kremna ravine is a perfect harmony created by a remarkable correlation, between the elements of the natural environment, which demonstrates how beautiful the landscape of the area is. The Kremna ravine is in the temperate zone of Serbia, in the zone of a temperate continental climate, and is affected by both littoral and continental climate. Sundry flora,  miscellaneous plants, a large bunch of healing herbs in this woodland habitat thickly covered by pine forests have a fresh and pleasant fragrance which will make your pleasant stay even more comfortable.  Due to the favourable climate and excellent climate conditions Kremna achieved the status of an aerial spa where anaemia treatment could be received. 

Everything about nature. Stay at camping ZIP and explore gorgeous surrounding area of Nature Park Mokra gora and Woodentown, Tara National Park, Zlatibor area and open museum of Sirogojno, fantastic gorge of Uvac, griffon vultures (Gyps fulvus) and Zlatar mountain... and so much more!             



Kamping odmorište "Camping-Zip" prostire se na oko 1 ha površine i smešten je u selu Kremna na udaljenosti 40 km od Užica (magistralni put Užice – Sarajevo) u podnožju planina Tare i Zlatibora. Kamp je opremljen po svim evropskim standardnima, poseduje 29 mesta za prikolice, motor home vozila (komplet priključci – struja, voda), veliki broj mesta za šatore, letnjikovac za druženje, zatvorenu trpezariju sa dnevnim boravkom, 2 kompletne kuhinje za pripremu hrane, moderne toalete (muški, ženski, invalidi, bebe). 

U sklopu kampa funkcionišu i 4 apartmana - 16 ležajeva. Apartmani su komletno opremljeni. 

Gostima su na raspolaganju igralište za basket, tenis, odbojku, mali fudbal kao i dečije  igralište (tobogani, klackalice, ljuljaške), muzika na razglasu.

Obezbedjen je i Wi Fi internet.

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Homemade specialities from neighbourhood


Feel free to taste all flavours of Tara mountain region and specialities made in traditional way.  And you will come back, that is for sure.

The mountain has something for everyone: lakes, rivers, hills, mountain biking, hiking, impressive history, delicious homemade food and drinks. Additionally, day tripping is also an option as the mountain is within easy reach of other attractions and interesting cities, such as Visegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Enjoy camping at our campground for motorhomes, caravans and tents or choose cosy apartments for rent.

Explore Tara National Park

Banjska stena, National Park Tara, Tara Mountain, Serbia

Mountain Tara belongs to internal Dinarides and it is part of Serbian Vlach mountains. It is located In the far West of Serbia in encompassing area bounded by the Drina River between Visegrad and Bajina Basta. The highest peak is Kozji (Goat) rid with high of 1,591 meters.

The area of Mt Tara has been identified as an Important Plant Area (IPA) and important Bird Area - (IBA). In addition, since 2003 Mt Tara was proclaimed as prime Butterfly Areas (PBA) and has also been identified as important in the framework of the Emerald Network.


The Campsite

The campsite is located at the crossroads of the road that runs from the central area of Kremna to Tara. The site covers an area of  1 hectare. It is comprised of a campsite, suites and holiday apartments. The number of spaces available on the camp: 30. There are 30 camp units. Each camp unit contains necessary plugs and sockets and toilet facilities:  a water outlet, a camping toilet, an outdoor portable camp toilet, a socket for bathroom accessories, women’s and men’s bathrooms, bathrooms for small children and bathrooms adapted for disabled persons. Facilities also include a holiday villa which has a dining room, a kitchen, a barbecue grill. The shelves are stocked with the dishes and kitchen utensils.


There are two supermarkets and a restaurant that offers home-made food in the immediate vicinity of the site. The restaurant and the supermarkets are in the very centre of Kremna, situated at a distance of 300 m  from the site. 

The Apartments

There are 5 camp apartments (one one-bedroom apartment and four studio apartments). All studio apartments have a double bed and a bed which can be used as a sofa bed during the day and as a comfortable bed during the night. Three persons can sleep in that bed during the night. The guests can assemble and disassemble the sofa bed and the mechanism operates effectively. The one-bedroom apartment has a separate bedroom which contains a double bed and a sitting room with a suite ( a corner sofa which can be assembled and disassembled ). All the apartments have kitchens with dining tables, necessary kitchen utensils and facilities and colour televisions. All the apartments have high-quality furniture. We are making renovations, and three additional apartments will be ready. 

Common space

The campsite offers a separate room with a club and a kitchen, a fireplace, a barbecue, a CD player and a television set. This room has a seating capacity of 30.  All the guests of the campsite can use this room for socializing. Comfortable and suitable accommodation, a wide circle of mutual acquaintances, a shared sense of belonging, daily camp attendance offer endless possibilities for entertainment and comfortable stay and accommodation. The site offers good entertainment. It is an ideal place to socialize with your friends and other campers, to organize parties for your friends. 

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If you need some help to make a purchase, to go shopping, to go on excursions, the manager of the campsite is available for all the guests 24 hours a day.

special features

Special features and campsite facilities (recreational facilities)

This spacious campsite offers leisure and sports facilities, which include sports fields such as mini-football pitches, volleyball and  basketball courts. 

For Children

There is also the children’s playground which is equipped with a trampoline, a swing, the see-saw, the slide and the kids’ playhouse.

All these facilities cover the outdoor area and are available on the campground. 

Ready for some sports?

We provide our visitors with a bicycle rental service. There are  table tennis tables and billiard tables which are placed in the sports hall, indoors.

what to see?

Beautiful surroundings and unspoiled countryside

We organize pleasant walks and hiking along forest paths and through forest glades in the village of Kremna. Visitors can tour  the countryside around the village, and enjoy the magnificent and spectacular scenery. The village of Kremna is famous for the Kremna prophecies, that is, Kremna’s prophets. There is a memorial house dedicated to Kremna’s prophets, which is open to visitors, on the main road to Tara mountain  (three kilometres away).

The very convenient position of the village of Kremna, enables tourists to go sightseeing, to organize and make sightseeing excursions, trips and to visit other important sites. Mokra Gora is located, on the road leading to Sarajevo (a distance of 15 kilometres). A special train, called "Ćira" leaves Mokra Gora railway station, runs and crosses the narrow-gauge track, and goes through the most famous track, called "The Šargan Eight". Tourists can continue their journey and visit "Drvengrad" which was designed and built by our famous director Emir Kusturica. There is a beautiful town, called Višegrad, which is  30 kilometres distant from Mokra Gora. There is an exceptional bridge across the Drina river, which was built by Mehmed Paša Sokolović. Višegrad is also famous for the construction of a stone built settlement called "Kamengrad" ("stone town" also known as "Andrićgrad" ).

In the immediate vicinity of our campsite, tourists  can see the base of  Tara mountain, surrounded   by special mountain rarities.

The most significant is Zaovine Lake, an artificial lake located in Zaovine village, on Tara mountain. It was created on the Beli Rzav river as a reservoir for the Bajina Bašta II reversible hydropower plant. It is connected to the Drina river. Mitrovac provides a habitat for Pančić spruce (Picea omorika) and offers valuable sightseeing experience you can gain in Serbia - a famous observation deck Banjska Stena (the most visited site in  Tara National Park, located 6 km from Mitrovac). Coming down Tara mountain, we can overlook the artificial lake Perućac and admire the beauties of Bajina Bašta, the Drina river and the shortest Vrelo river  (365m long) with beautiful restaurant "Vrelo" above the waterfall to river Drina.

Rača Monastery is the most visited site in Tara National Park, with ten thousands of visitors every year. The monastery is situated in the vicinity of Bajina Bašta. This monastery was founded by the Serbian King Dragutin (1276–1316). The monks of  this monastery translated texts from Ancient Greek, wrote histories, and copied manuscripts (the most famous scriptorium was here in Rača, known as the School of Rača, which flourished from the sixteenth- to the eighteenth-century); they translated and copied not only liturgical but also scientific and literary works of the period. Zlatibor mountain rises in the distance and is situated at a distance of 30km from Kremna. It is the most popular tourist destination and the most visited tourist site which has major tourist attractions. Its highest peak is Tornik. 

The Open air museum Old Village in Sirogojno, The Potpeć Cave, Gostilje waterfall attract many tourists.

There is a beautiful lake, called Vrutci, in the near vicinity of the village of  Kremna. Travelling towards the town of Užice,  tourists usually visit "Kadinjača" - a memorial complex, built in honour of  those men killed in battle (Labour Batallion), and then the great monastery of Rujno. Tourists are particularly interested in visiting  The National Museum, an old hydroelectric power plant and a well-known cave, called the Potpeć Cave which is located on a major road stretching to a nearby town called Požega. 

Tourist destinations, that have been described here, constitute just a small part of tourist attractions and facilities that can be seen in the village of Kremna and in the neighbouring region. Tourists can get the necessary information on other tourist sites and destinations on the campsite itself.



Apartman #001


Apartment is consisted of fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, living room and one separated bedroom. 

Bedroom is equipped by king size bed. Living room is equipped by foldable sofa set. Apartment accommodate 4 person.

Price: 40 EUR/day


Apartman poseduje komplet opremljenu kuhinju, kupatilo, dnevnu sobu i zasebnu spavaću sobu. 

Spavaća soba sadrži bračni krevet, a dnevna soba sadrži ugaonu garnituru sa mogućnošću razvlačenja. Kapacitet apartmana je maksimalno za četiri osobe.

Dnevni najam apartmana je 40 EUR.

Apartman #002


Studio-apartment is consisted of fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, king size bed and two-seater to fold. Capacity is 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. 

Price: 30 EUR/day


Studio-apartman poseduje komplet opremljenu kuhinju, kupatilo, bračni krevet i dvosed sa mogućnošću razvlačenja. Kapacitet apartmana je za tri odrasle osobe ili za dve odrasle osobe i dvoje dece. 

Dnevni najam apartmana je 30 EUR.

Apartman #003


Studio-apartment is consisted of fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, king size bed and two-seater to fold. Capacity is 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. 

Price: 30 EUR/day


Studio-apartman poseduje komplet opremljenu kuhinju, kupatilo, bračni krevet i dvosed sa mogućnošću razvlačenja. Kapacitet apartmana je za tri odrasle osobe ili za dve odrasle osobe i dvoje dece.
Dnevni najam apartmana je 30 EUR.

Apartman #004


Studio-apartment is consisted of fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, king size bed and two-seater to fold. Capacity is 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. 

Price: 30 EUR/day


Studio-apartman poseduje komplet opremljenu kuhinju, kupatilo, bračni krevet i dvosed sa mogućnošću razvlačenja. Kapacitet apartmana je za tri odrasle osobe ili za dve odrasle osobe i dvoje dece. 

Dnevni najam apartmana je 30 EUR.

Free WiFi

WiFi for free - Camping ZIP

  • All apartments are equipped by LCD TV and DVD player
  • WiFi internet connection is free of charge
  • Svi apartmani poseduju LCD TV, DVD player
  • Korišćenje Wi-Fi internet pristupa je besplatno

Free Parking

Free parking - camping ZIP

Parking is free of charge and
available for all guests


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