The camsite is situated in the populated area,called Kremna, which is located in western Serbia, between the mountains Zlatibor, Tara, Šargan, and Kadinjača at an altitude of 760 meters.




The campsite is located at the crossroads of the road that runs from the central area of Kremna to Tara. The site covers an area of 1 hectare. It is comprised of 30 camp units for tent pitches and vehicles and two-person cabins which offer on-site facilities. Each camp unit contains an electrical connection, mains water, a water spigot, a water outlet. The campsite offers women’s and men’s bathrooms, bathrooms for small children, bathrooms adapted for disabled persons and private bathrooms to rent. The campsite offers communal kitchens with necessary kitchen utensils and dishes and a holiday villa which has a dining room, a kitchen and a barbecue grill. This spacious campsite provides the guests with the children’s playground and leisure and sports facilities (billiards, table tennis, table football, chess). There are also suites and holiday apartments. There are seven camp apartments and a cabin. All the rooms, facilities and the garden detect a wireless signal. There are also video surveillance cameras.

All the apartments and the cabin are fully equipped, they have high quality furniture, then kitchens with dining tables, necessary kitchen utensils and facilities, kitchen cooker plates, fridges, wi-fi access, Smart LED TVs, cable TVs and bathrooms.

The guests can use outdoor sports facilities, they can play on the sports fields. There is also the children’s playground. This spacious campsite offers leisure facilities (billiards, table tennis, table football, chess).
The campsite offers a separate room, which can be used for socializing. This room contains a fully equipped kitchen, a dining room, a living room with a fireplace, a LED TV set, cable TV. It has a seating capacity of 30. Comfortable and suitable private accommodation, a wide circle of mutual acquaintances, a shared sense of belonging, daily camp attendance offer endless possibilities for entertainment and comfortable stay and accommodation. The site offers good entertainment. It is an ideal place to socialize with your friends and other campers, to organize parties for your friends.
There are two supermarkets. There is a restaurant that offers home-made food in the immediate vicinity of the site. The restaurant and the supermarkets are in the very centre of Kremna, situated at a distance of 300 m from the site.
If you need some help to make a purchase, to go shopping, to go on excursions, the manager of the camp site is available for all the guests 24 hours a day.





Geography and location

The camsite is situated in the populated area,called Kremna, which is located in western Serbia, between the mountains Zlatibor, Tara, Šargan, and Kadinjaca at an altitude of 760 meters. Kremna is actually a ravine (a basin) ’decorated with’ Jewels of the Natural World such as: springs, water wells, brooks, mountain streams, meadows, forests, groves, glades and natural vegetation. A central feature that characterizes this Kremna ravine is a perfect harmony created by a remarkable correlation, between the elements of the natural environment, which demonstrates how beautiful the landscape of the area is. The Kremna ravine is in the temperate zone of Serbia, in the zone of a temperate continental climate, and is affected by both littoral and continental climate. Sundry flora, miscellaneous plants, a large bunch of healing herbs in this woodland habitat thickly covered by pine forests have a fresh and pleasant fragrance which will make your pleasant stay even more comfortable. Due to the favourable climate and excellent climate conditions Kremna achieved the status of an aerial spa where anaemia treatment could be received.



Suites and apartments

There are seven camp apartments and one cabin



The cabin provides accommodation with fully equipped kitchen with necessary kitchen utensils and dishes, a private bathroom, a bedroom with a double bed, a living room with two three-seater sofas which can be assembled and disassembled, and a couch (a single seater sofa), a LED TV set, cable TV, DVD player, wi-fi access. The cabin offers accommodation for seven guests.



The wooden hut contains a room for two people



Recreational Facilities

All these facilities cover the outdoor area and are available on the campground . This spacious campsite offers leisure and sports facilities ,which include sports fields such as mini-football pitches ,volleyball and basketball courts . We provide our visitors with a bicycle rental service.

Recreational Facilities
There is also the children’s playground which is equipped with a trampoline, a swing, the see-saw, the slide and the kids’ playhouse.

There are table tennis tables and billiard tables which are placed in the sports hall, indoors.

Na otvorenom
prostoru u krugu
objekta postoje
sportski tereni za
mali fudbal,
odbojku i košarku.
Dečije igralište sa trambolinom, ljuljaškom, klackalicom, toboganom
i kućicom za igru.
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postoje stolovi za
stoni tenis i bilijar.


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